Album: Dirtified

1. Dirtified (Lyrics) HERE

2. Sing Along Song (feat. Noah Gordon) (Lyrics) HERE

3. Sound Of The Woods (feat. Charlie Farley) (Lyrics) HERE

4. Dirty Girl (feat. Sarah Ross & Young Gunner) (Lyrics) HERE

5. Buckwild (Lyrics) HERE

6. Keep It So Country (feat. Young Gunner) (Lyrics) HERE

7. Bonfire (feat. Dustin Rhodes) (Lyrics) HERE

8. Chillin’ In The Backwoods (Lyrics) HERE

9. Day In the Life (Lyrics) HERE

10. My Roots (Lyrics) HERE

11. We Don’t Give A… (feat. Demun Jones) (Lyrics) HERE


Album: The Grind 

1. Intro (Lyrics) HERE

2. Back In The Woods (feat. Tyler Wood) (Lyrics) HERE

3. Lights On (Lyrics) HERE

4. Duramax (feat. Young Gunner) (Lyrics) HERE

5. Life In The Pines (Lyrics) HERE

6. Hell Yeah (feat. Colt Ford & Demun Jones) (Lyrics) HERE

7. She’s So Country (feat. Cap Bailey) (Lyrics) HERE

8. 54’s (Lyrics) HERE

9. Same Ole Dust (feat. Sarah Ross) (Lyrics) HERE

10. Flex That X (Lyrics) HERE

11. Higher (feat. Bubba Sparxxx & Cypress Spring) (Lyrics) HERE

12. Redneck Country Song (feat. Bucky Covington) (Lyrics) HERE


Album: Mud Dynasty 

1. Mud Dynasty (Lyrics) HERE

2. What Do Ya Call That (feat. Bubba Sparxxx & I4NI) (Lyrics) HERE

3. Rodeo (Lyrics) HERE

4. Country Folks Anthem (feat. Charlie Farley) (Lyrics) HERE

5. Home (Lyrics) HERE

6. Adrenaline (feat. Brian King) (Lyrics) HERE

7. Old Back Road (Lyrics) HERE

8. Mud Life (feat. Bluefoot) (Lyrics) HERE

9. Riding Hi (Lyrics) HERE

10. Country Is How We Ride (Lyrics) HERE

11. Shindiggin’ (Lyrics) HERE

12. Country Boy For Life (Lyrics) HERE


Album: Diesel Fuel 

1. Mud Digger 2011 (feat. Big D) (Lyrics) HERE

2. Big Tires (Lyrics) HERE

3. Country Boy With Swag (Lyrics) HERE

4. Hillbilly Dance(Lyrics) HERE

5. Simple Man (Lyrics) HERE

6. Small Town (Lyrics) HERE

7. The Southern Way (Lyrics) HERE

8. Three Bottles (Lyrics) HERE

9. What You Think Of Me (Lyrics) HERE

10. Backwood Tailgating (Lyrics) HERE

11. Mud Digger [Remix] (feat. Colt Ford) (Lyrics) HERE