Fan Chat

.twBox {
position: relative;
float: right;
margin: 5px;
padding: 2px;
.twBox img {
cursor: pointer;
#twMain {
background: #eaeaea;
border: 2px solid gray;
padding: 2px;
border-radius: 9px 9px 9px 9px;
box-shadow: 6px 6px 6px #888888;
#twToggleLink {
background-color: transparent;
color: transparent;
background-image: url(;
width: 16px !important;
height: 16px !important;
padding: 0px !important;
margin: -5px -5px 0px 0px;
#twToggleLink.maximized {
background-image: url(;

Talk With Us

function twInit() {
new tw({
icon: true,
id: ‘twBox’,
url: “”,
animate: false,

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